Aliments never payed - french citizen

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Excuse me because I write in english, but I don't speak french good enough.

I'm 34 years old, girl, Polish citizen, living in Poland. I grow up with my mum, because my father left us few months after my birth. He emigrated
to France. He has never payed the aliments for me. So my mother, she accused him in 1984 at the court in Poland and they decided that he is obliged to pay the aliments periodically every month, according to the law. Nevertheless, he has never payed anything. I graduated at the university when I was 25 and all the time of study it was only my mother who supported me. I've been employed since graduation. My father, he has been living in France all the time, and now he is still there. In the meantime (probably before 1984) he also became the French citizen.
I would like to know whether there is any legal possibility for me to accuse my father in France, to make him pay to me his debt? Do you have any suggestion, what to do? Is it possible to do anything?

Thank you in advance for any help (also in french).

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Well, the lone option you have would be to apply the polish judgement in France.

Unfortunately I do not think there is a cross border agreement between the 2 countries that allow to proceed this way.