Cinq mois d'attente, sachant le montant dû à cram

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cinq mois d'attente, sachant le montant dû à cram (L "ASPA)
héritage détenu chez le notaire, c'est normal

Hello, my mother died on August 8, 2012, in Rivesaltes
let € 58,000 in a bank account, went to the notary
to formalize all, to collect ...

But we could not have it all stopped collecting since the late
charged a help call, L'allocation de solidarité aux personnes âgées (ASPA) and says this helps ...
The amounts paid for these benefits may be recovered by the administration, the death of the beneficiary if the net amount of the estate exceeds € 39,000.

It's all right,
the problem is, we've been waiting five months how much money must be repaid, so the heritage is retained by the notary

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