Perdue le garde de ma fille

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At 10 yrs. old my daughter stated she wished to live just with me.......after experts put on the case, lawyer etc. (2 years later) I was condamed for approx. 4 months to see my daughter under supervision and then every second week. There were so many errors in the reports for the Expertise Mr. Wim de Witt it was pathetic. Everyone stated Allianation Parentel....this was not the case. Yes I did divorce him and I do not ever want to speak to him again because of the mental and physical abuse (18 yrs.) I have the right to protect myself and I have the right to keep him out of my life.....this has nothing to do with our kids. MY son being major in age made a decision to live with me for he also was being torchured. Stating that my daughter is too young to make decisions and is only stating what I want her to say no one listened to her (her lawyer) did not follow the case and only showed up in court. My X is now on his 2 year..reclaiming Burn daughter has gained about 25 lbs (now obise) and this will be the 3 year she is failing school. She talks about suicide, her fears about her father (she has seen what he has done to me and my son).....I do not no what to do to help her. He is a man that can manipulate anybody, anytime. Two Judged, all the lawyers, psy.,even called the DPJ on me and THEY threatened me if I did not stop the procedings they would take my daughter away.......WHAT.....I am a simple, timid women that only wants to raise her kids, in a loving and secure manner. What can I do. I am at a lost for words how I feel about our justice I was told...the better lier wins

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